Start your child early…

  • In a quality farm oriented preschool

    Welcome to Twigs 'n Berries Farmschool. We are a 10 month long, Reggio inspired preschool with influences of the Waldorf (Steiner) and Montessori Approaches.

    Children are our first priority; with parent's help and a nurturing atmosphere, we create a sense of community and the perfect learning environment for your child.

    Here at Twigs 'n Berries, we are fortunate to have 20 acres of learning environment at our fingertips. As a Farmschool, we learn about nature, gardening, livestock, the lifecycle, and what it takes to live on a farm! Our century old farmhouse lies in the shadow of two ancient Red Oaks, and we have ¼ acre dedicated specifically to the children's needs and gardening.

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  • Purple Sage
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  • The Teacher

    The Teachers

    Teachers are "co-learners." The teacher's job is to find out what interests the children by showing respect, and listening to them. When the topics are agreed upon among the children, we enhance knowledge as the teacher and the children learn together through exploration and discovery... More »

  • The Parent

    The Parents

    Parents are the child's first teacher, that's why it is so important to involve parents in the classroom for consistancy in the child's life. With the rush of everything life gives us, this is a time for you to be able to provide some individual attention for your own child and their friends... More »

  • The Environment

    The Environment

    Environment is crucial to young minds. This is the third influence in a child's life. Play areas at Twigs 'n Berries are visually inviting and enticing enough to keep their focus. The areas have many natural materials for discovery and encourage a sense of community among friends... More »